• 02Apr,2024

    Coaching Class Ruang Belajar(Intensif SNBT 2024)

    Coaching Class Ruang Belajar, an initiative by Kripton Inspirasi in collaboration with International Coaching Federation Jakarta Charter Chapter (ICF JCC), is part of the Intensive SNBT 2024 preparation program. This program is a cornerstone in advancing education and realizing the dreams of Indonesian students. This distinguished initiative offers scholarships to high school students across West Java, equipping them with comprehensive resources for university entrance exam preparation, including intensive SNBT preparation sessions, trial exams, coaching, mentoring, webinars, and e-modules. About Coaching Class: Designed as an individual and group-based online program, Coaching Class is an ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter Community Service that aims to discover and nurture the potential of its participants and mentors. Under the stewardship of certified and professional coaches from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), students are matched with ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter registered coaches, creating a collaborative space for sharing personal experiences, identifying solutions to challenges, and discovering inherent potential. Why This Event is Important: The Coaching Class Ruang Belajar is pivotal in equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate their academic and future career paths successfully. It emphasizes the importance of coaching in personal and academic development, offering a supportive environment to foster growth and self-discovery. This comprehensive program is carefully designed to align with the academic calendar and preparation timeline for the SNBT 2024 exams, ensuring ample time for learning, practice, and personal development. Register yourself as a Coach for Coaching Class Ruang Belajar in this link https://bit.ly/CCRuangBelajar We're open to partnerships Interested in collaborating on a coaching event or seeking a coach for your organization? For collaborations for coaching events, reach out to partnership@icfjakarta.org. To find a professional coach, visit our coach directory. Let's create impactful experiences together! Explore More with Us: (Button: All ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter Events - link: https://www.icfjakarta.org/events) (Button: Discover our Community Service Events - link: https://www.icfjakarta.org/services) (Button: Get In Touch with Us - link: https://www.icfjakarta.org/contact-us) (Button: Follow Our Social Media - link: IG https://www.instagram.com/icf.jakarta/, FB https://www.facebook.com/ICFJakartaChapter , LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/international-coaching-federation-icf-jakarta-charter-chapter/mycompany/ )


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