About ICF Jakarta

The International Coach Federation Jakarta (ICF) is a registered chapter of the ICF in the United States. ICF Jakarta represents and supports all ICF registered coaches in Indonesia.

In today’s fast-paced world, growing numbers of businesses, organizations and individuals are turning to professional coaching to increase their effectiveness, build relationships and reach their goals.

The International Coach Federation is the support network for these professional coaches. Whether it’s Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching or any other skilled coaching, ICF leads the global community in advancing the profession. ICF helps serve the flourishing of humanity by using coaching’s creative and thought-provoking process to maximize professional and personal potential.

Through a worldwide network of professional coaches, ICF builds, supports and preserves this growing field, providing connections near and far.

ICF builds the profession’s visibility with partnerships, global strategic alliances, public relations, marketing items, and tools such as the Coach Referral Service (CRS), a free service that can help potential clients locate accredited member ICF coaches.

ICF supports members through continual professional development and growth opportunities, both locally and internationally, including conferences, annual research reports and networking programs. The organization also partners with resource providers to benefit members and use ICF’s strength in numbers. ICF offers additional support through its website, databases and publications.

ICF preserves the integrity of coaching through internationally accepted professional standards. Today, ICF is specifically recognized among coaching professionals worldwide for:

  • 1. Developing coaching core competencies
  • 2. Establishing a professional code of ethics and standards
  • 3. Creating an internationally recognized credentialing program
  • 4. Setting guidelines through accreditation for coach-specific training programs
  • 5. Providing focused discussion through Communities of Practice (CPs)


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